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    January 14th, 2014 at 2:41 pm

    I am 15 and up until a few years ago I was a total daddy’s girl. I have two half sisters and one half brother and we are all by different mothers. It never bothered me until two years ago. I thought I was bisexual (I am now an open lesbian) and my father said that that wasn’t me, int he sense that I wasn’t his daughter. He always tried to get me to be more calm and tame like my two month older sister, but I’ve always been the wild one like my mom.
    Last summer he promised me that he and my now three year old brother would come to where I live for a week and we would all stay at my uncles house. They live down south and I’m in the northwest area, so I was really excited. He never came, and never tried to contact me after wards. He has done this since I was little and now I am so mad at him and don’t want anything to do with him to the point that I tell people that my father is dead.
    He just started to Facebook message me and I told him that I cross dress and that I changed my name. He said he wasn’t really okay with it and asked why I haven’t been talking to him but have been talking to my step mom and baby brother. I want to tell him to screw off and that I wouldn’t care if he was dead, which is true, but I truly don’t know what to say. I’m too scared to call him because I’m not good with confronting people face to face or over the phone. But I’m not sure what to say if I email of message him because then I’m afraid he’ll keep my brother and I apart since he lives with him.
    I’m confused and sick of his shit, please help me.

    mike s

    February 4th, 2014 at 5:30 am

    I have had three nightmares three nights in a row, they seem pretty meaningless to me but if they have a meaning could someone tell me

    Nightmare number 1: There’s a party at my home and everyone’s being held hostage and eventually killed(i.e my mom & brother) it’s also very dark and silent. Then I remember running to a store down the street and then that dream ended

    Nightmare/Dream number 2:My mom is friends with R.Kelly(confused the heck out of me) and she invites him over so their in the living room talking when she starts walking down the hallway to get something out of her room and he starts following her during all this I’m laying in bed trying to get to sleep then I just suddenly turn on my side and put the covers my head after I catch a glimpse of R.Kelly standing in my doorway just starring at me that continues for what feels like 10 minutes then I wake up

    Nightmare number 3:I was kidnapped by an unknown lesbian cousin(I know she’s a cousin because of things being said in the dream) she kept trying to stick her hands in my pants as if trying to finger me be she didn’t get far I closed kinda tight so she couldn’t stick her finger inside of me but later on in the nightmare she had overpowered me and did end up doing things to me with her fingers and other items. Then she put me in this room and I jumped out of a window and ran to store I seen on the way to her house. She was outside in her car and seen me running away so she ran and got her keys began to chase me in her car. As I was running I noticed my grandmother pulling in a driveway so I ran towards her car and tried to open the door but it was locked I hit the window and she unlocked the car door she asked what happened to me as I did look a mess I was sweating and my hair was wild then the cousin was up the street so I told my grandmom to take me home because I was trying to get away from someone so my grandmom is speeding and so is the cousin and she hits the back of the car I was in causing us to crash in a near by colum that was apart of the store that I mentioned earlier but then the cousin just disappeared and me and my grandma got home without anymore problems.

    I’m still pretty confused as to the nightmares and how I escaped in nightmare one and three

    Mr SoLo DoLo

    April 13th, 2014 at 8:03 pm

    here was a girl who Hang round with us. She wasn’t in our form. She was slightly nerdy, and all the fake, plastic doll girls used to bully her a bit. So my best friend made friends with her, although there was never any love lost between me and her. We tolerated eachother but we never particularly liked eachother, although we never outwardly mentioned it. However, when we had been friends with her about a year, she suddenly stopped hanging around with us. Her hair began to be scruffy. She wore a really short dress to the disco. Suddenly, she began blanking us. Whenever we saw her, she was with the fake, b*tchy, plastic doll girls who bullied her. She ignored us until we confronted her to ask what was going on. She said she’d moved on, that she had new friends now (the bullies) and it was too much “hassle” being friends with us because we were in a different form. Then, her friends came and ganged up on us and they were being mean and it was eight against four which wasn’t fair. Anyway, I didn’t particularly mind that she stopped being friends with us, but my friend was devestated. She cried for almost the whole afternoon, because they were really quite close. Shed rescued her from the bullies even though it had made things hard for herself at times. And this was how she repayed her.
    So I was quite prepared just to accept she had stopped hanging with us, and if she hung out with the bullies, it was her problem. But then, she started saying that me and my friends were so immature and childish, and she started wearing lots of thick makeup to school. She talked to my friend about us for three English lessons a week. She’s even ditched her former best friend of five years just because she hangs out with us. She says that we need to grow up, just because we don’t take life too seriously, and she says were lesbians just because apparently “we don’t have an interest in boys” But, yeah, we do, but were not deasperate, and I turned 14 a couple of weeks ago and all my other friends are still 13…. Plus we go to an all girls school. I think she’s started spreading it round the whole year group that were lesbians, but were nit, and even if we were, so what? You can’t discriminate about that kind of thing.
    So I thought to myself, these bullies will get tired of her, and eventually ditch her, and shell be completely alone. I need to get her out of that clique before it’s too late. So I thought, she used to be a nerd/geek. She’s not stupid. So I’ve written loads of quotes like “She who stands apart will not stand alone” and “follow the crowd and the crowd will never follow you”- that kind of thing, and I’m planning on hiding them in her pencil case or blazer pockets to find to make a peaceful point. Forecfulness isn’t my style and I’m VERY light fingered- I’ve managed to put my lunch remains in a different school bag each day as a bit of a laugh and never get caught doing it even when I’m right in front of them. I could manage to hide the notes there without her noticing- but is it the right thing to do? I want to make my point. The crowd she’s with are nothing but trouble. She’s not an idiot- shell eventually get what I mean. Confronting her will make her more determined to be fake and plastic, because even when we were “friends” she mostly ignored me and i could clearly tell she thought she was a LOT cleverer than me and therefore I wasnt worth wasting her time over. But is delivering the quotes the right way to go about things? Thanks


    April 28th, 2014 at 11:24 am

    My daughter is sixteen years old and will be a high school senior this coming fall. Since the beginning of high school, she has been becoming more in touch with her sexuality. The issue that we are having is that she seems to engage in lots of PDA and touchy-feely behavior with people she is not dating, or has just met, and often in public. For example, just today, she was spotted by one of my sisters at the mall, supposedly hugging, kissing, and holding hands with him. When I asked about her new boyfriend she said “I don’t have a boyfriend.” When I told her that her aunt had seen her at the mall, she continued to insist that her and this boy were just friends. I have also seen her pretty much straddle many people, and she might sometimes kiss two or three different people in one day. Her (girl)friends lick each other’s faces, and slap each other’s bottoms regularly, and I find this absurd. She is very smart – honors classes, 4.0gpa – very talented and such, but I am worried about her. She seems so open about her sexuality with friends, but not with me. I really don’t know if she is a virgin or not. I would like her to be, but would not be surprised if she isn’t. I do believe she is bisexual, for I know she has at least kissed a few females, and I have also found evidence of a lot of lesbian pornography on her computer (ANOTHER HUGE ISSUE) She flaunts her body every chance she gets, and sees nothing wrong with it. She is always going to pool and beach parties where she likes to wear minimal clothing, and I try to tell her to cover up some, but she won’t listen. You could certainly say she is rather…busty for her frame, and while talking with her friends I am constantly hearing the words “my boobies” coming out of her mouth. When I was young, I was nothing like this. On one hand, I am glad she doesn’t lack confidence, on the other, I don’t want my daughter to be the town ****. How do I get more in touch with her? I have half a mind to totally just ground her for a while – take away her computer and television and phone – I really don’t know if her friends are the bad influences or what – I don’t even know all of them, she seems to always be spending her time with someone new. I love my daughter, but she is really out of control and I have no idea what to do. I don’t want her to think this wild behavior is okay. I don’t even know where to start. I feel like as a mother I should know exactly what to do, but I have no idea what to do in this situation. And this is just so unexpected of her because she spent jr.high so introverted. Any advice would be strongly appreciated. Is this a phase many teens go through?


    May 3rd, 2014 at 11:00 am

    Okay, so this might be a little long – please bear with me. I want to give as much detail as possible to get the right response. Most people I’ve asked have said, “only you know,” and stuff like that, but that’s really unhelpful because I really don’t have a f***king clue. Haha.

    To start off. When I was younger, and first started going through puberty, though I was looking at boys – I also checked out girls. I’m not sure if this is normal or not but I’d think strange things like, “Wow, she’s really pretty…” and also imagine myself, er, touching her. I think I did this more so with girls, but its hard to say because it was really just the one specific girl…Sarah.

    Anyway, moving on to my teen years. My mother is very open to gays, so that’s really not a problem, but she is bi herself – and she’s always said I was straight. I dated a few guys, and though I still was kind of curious about girls…I was more nervous around them. Guys, on the other hand, I was comfortable around. And still to this day, I can barely speak to a woman I find attractive…whereas I’m perfectly fine with attractive guys.

    I have only kissed three/four girls. One was my best friend when I was teaching her how to kiss. And although I didn’t feel attracted to her, I did have weird thoughts pop into my head. Like, when she’d get changed in front of me, I’d go red and try not to stare. But I’m a *really* shy person – so it’s kind of hard to tell…

    Then (and this is where it gets complicated) I had a few bad experiences with males…and I guess the term ‘rape’ could be used, or statutory. Anyway, moving along…after that I kind of went wild. At first, with males…and then (when that was no longer doing it for me) with a female…Sarah (the one I found attractive as a kid, it’s actually quite strange that we crossed paths when we did).

    Anyway, we were only 15 at the time…so even though we had sleepovers, we were a little hesitant to ‘do stuff’ – neither of our parents knew, and we never really did anything below the belt. Though, in the times I kissed her, I do remember liking it…a lot. I’m not sure if I liked it more or less than a male, or if it was just her, but eventually…things went sour between us. I do not blame her, it was mainly due to our young age…but we drifted apart because of it.

    That’s when I met my current parter, a male, and though we are intimate – I don’t…uh, “always finish” so to speak. And I mean like, we’ve been together for 6 years (almost) and I’ve only, um, ‘finished’ like…7 times. And I’m a very sexual being, so we do have sexual intercourse a lot. And he’s not bad – by any means, so I’m really sure it’s not him…I think it’s me. And I still have thoughts about females. Like, when I’m in public, I’m *always* checking out girls. Of course I’m too nervous to speak to these girls…lol. But I do think “Wow, she’s really pretty” or “I’d love to kiss her” – I find that I flirt with girls over the internet…and even though I’ve been with my current partner for almost 6 years, my thoughts *still* wonder.

    I don’t know what to do. He doesn’t really “know” and even though I’m sure he’d be okay with my confusion…I really don’t feel comfortable speaking with him about it. My friend, who’s a lesbian (and BLOODY hot – I might add) – told me that I wont know until I am intimate with a female. But the thought scares me…even if I was single, I’m too shy to hit on a female, let alone touch them or kiss them…even if I want to. It freaks me out because it’s strange and foreign..and I think to myself…”What if I take her advice? What if I take a break with my boyfriend to experiment and then either A.) find I don’t like females and then the poor girl I experiment with feels crap…or B.) my current partner doesn’t come back.” Then I’m alone. And I really don’t know how to handle this. What if I get with a girl and then freak out when stuff starts happening? I’m almost 21 years old. I don’t know what to do.

    Sorry for the spam.
    Thank you for any answers or advice you can give me.
    Sorry, I’m a writer, once I’s hard to stop. o.o


    June 8th, 2014 at 8:27 am

    I wrote so much more for these characters but unfortunately my computer deleted the document and I no longer have access to it. So here is a long *but shorter* version of my characters. Please critique each one. And I know this question is going to turn out to be long, so I apologize in advance. πŸ™‚ Thanks!

    Name: Jette McAllister
    Age: 17
    She’s very rude, aggressive, isn’t afraid to stick up for herself, opinionated, high strung and out spoken. She is very brave and isn’t afraid of anything. She’s somewhat independent but cares about what others think of her, even though she doesn’t let it show. She is lazy and doesn’t care about herself. She is very rebellious and has been to jail twice (once for getting into a fight and the second time for stealing – food.) Also, she spent two days in Juvi after getting into a fight (for the third time) at her Catholic school because people were making fun of her, calling her a lesbian and a bitch, saying she has anger issues. She has a comeback for everything and is extremely aggressive as she has anger management issues. She is very impulsive and also wild and not afraid to have fun, and does things just for the hell of it as she’s so rebellious. At times she can be emotionally distant. She is quick to judge others and has a hard time trusting people. She is a tomboy considering she grew up around 3 brothers, and often rejects change. If she tried in school she would be acing everything, but gets poor grades because she feels like she has no reason to try. She lives with her three brothers – Dale, Todd and Shane – because her mother died of Cancer and her father committed suicide, three years prior to present. She is very hesitant to trust others after being hurt so many times. At her old school she had a crush on Mark DeLaforte, who was extremely popular but always nice to her. She asked him out, but he rejected her although told everyone and laughed at her to her face to impress his friends, even though he really did like her.

    Name: Nathaniel Mulder (Nathan, Nate)
    Age: 17

    He’s very charismatic, has a dry sense of humor is even a bit crude sometimes. He cares deeply for others and is very kind and intelligent, also thoughtful. He plays soccer and is very athletic and ambitious. He is opinionated and a bit of a know it all, as he is in all honors classes – besides Chemistry, because he has never been good at it and was put in a low-level class. He is stubborn and get’s jealous easily. He is often very realistic and has empathy for almost no one because of what he has been through. He is often humorous to block out the bad times in his life. He has a terrible temper and is able to shrug things off easily. He is sarcastic and at the beginning of the book a bit of a know it all, because he mostly takes care of himself as his father is always working. He is a bit of a kiss up in school. He doesn’t like to poke himself into situations that could possibly get him in trouble because he wants his record to be perfect, ever since the day he got a detention Freshman year. He is not very courageous at the start of the book but evolves into a braver character later on. He is also very loyal. When he was 8 years old his mother died in a car crash, which he was also in. He had to stay in the hospital for a few days because of his injuries. He lives with his alcoholic father who is always working. He posts his good grades on the fridge everyday, to see if his father cares and acknowledging it. But he never does. Sometimes he can be bossy, but only on a bad day.

    Name: Alexandra Chicago (Alex)
    Age: 17

    Alex is very athletic, and an extreme tomboy at heart. She hates fighting and finds it pointless and tries to resolve her issues rationally and advises others to do so as well as she is extremely calm. She is very friendly but most are intimidated by her because of her height. She is always busy and stressed out, as she has swimming lessons, ballet and volleyball practice almost every day – but keeps her stress underway because she realizes that whining won’t get her anywhere. She is outgoing, thoughtful and intelligent and is the one people come to for advice, which she doesn’t always like because she feels she doesn’t have all the answers. She cracks under pressure, and is always disorganized; she never knows where anything is. She is very competitive and sometimes even impatient. She is very studious and hard working, also humorous and witty. She always wears her hair down, which is naturally straight – it is never done, although appears to be that way. She usually wears sweats and a tank top because it is easy to change in and out of, thus reducing the stress in her life – which she is trying to do. Her parents divorced when she was three, but she lives with her mom, who recently got remarried to Dave, her step dad who tries desperately to build a friendship with her although she hates him for trying to ‘replace&
    – Although she hates him for trying to ‘replace’ her dad. She is relived when she goes to her father’s house on the weekends because she doesn’t have to eat dinner with her mom and Dave, as it is always awkward.
    – OCD
    Wait wait, scratch that.. I meant to say “He has a terrible temper, but once he cools down and thinks over the situation he is able to shrug things off easily.”
    Wait wait, scratch that.. I meant to say “He has a terrible temper, but once he cools down and thinks over the situation he is able to shrug things off easily.”

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