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    evil chevy

    January 17th, 2014 at 6:45 am

    I’m making a wedding card for a close friend who’s also a huge Led Zepplin fan. I really don’t know anything about them. Are there any Led-Zep lyrics that would both suit a wedding card, and be kind of deep/profound?


    January 25th, 2014 at 7:46 am

    What where the causes and consequences of it? I tried looking on Wikipedia but there was so much I didn’t know what to read and what not to read. Thanks


    January 31st, 2014 at 2:49 pm

    Hi! Ive been living with my room mate for two months and we both signed at 6 month lease together. Her boyfriend just bought a new house and I havent seen her for two weeks. I just received a text saying that she is moving out with her boyfriend. We still have four more months on our lease and I do not have the money to opt out or to pay her half of the rent. Can I take her to court to pay her half of the rent till the end of the lease?

    stephen m

    February 13th, 2014 at 4:17 pm

    I need 2 read it for class can you help me and post links to it Thank you

    Xavier Hawthorne

    February 26th, 2014 at 5:22 am

    The Capitalist have had everything their way for 236 years in USA, the several generational American in the past 45 years to current has been treated like the Europeans did to the indigenous or tribal natives of America over the past several hundred years.

    This is all wrong, even today Tribal Native Americans may declare separate sovereign nations with-in USA and territories but these people have been money loop excluded for the most part, all because of their way of life and beliefs etc.
    2 days ago

    My fellow several generation American which most definitely includes the Native Americans isn’t it about time to organize an act by any means to outlaw this crap from existing for the good of the human race.

    This is why the Capitalist Business Community for the past 45 years has encouraged immigration both legal & illegal as their Stooges in Govt couldn’t grant citizen-ships fast enough!


    February 26th, 2014 at 5:22 am

    Both sound boring.

    whites are not the only racists

    March 2nd, 2014 at 12:40 am

    We have lived in France for over 3 years. We ended up with 2 gorgeous black kittens living in our woodshed last year and their mother died when they were just short of 4 months old, so we took them in. It ended up they were both boys and we had 1 ‘done’ at 6 months old and the other at 8 months old (he was harder to touch, therefore catch).
    They are now about 18 months old and it looks like we are returning to Australia about September/October next year. I am in the process of getting passports for them so my options are open, but I wonder what the best option is for the boys. They are called Smoky and Midnight, they both have totally different personalities…Smoky is a bit more neurotic, he loves sitting on my knee (has done since he was about 6 mths old), and if I’m not around he sits on my husband’s. Midnight was harder to get his confidence, but once he has taken to us, he’s a delight. He says hello to each of us when he comes in, stands on his back feet and dances to get our attention and he often sleeps on our bed with or without us. We both adore them and believe they adore us.
    The problem is, being born in the wild, they are highly stressed (tres sauvage, 1 vet described it as, lol) whenever I take them to the vet and other than us, they don’t like people…they are getting better, now if we have visitors they just take themselves into the back room instead of disappearing altogether.
    The move to Australia would involve a long plane trip and then 1 month in Quarantine. We will probably have to rent somewhere when we 1st return which could mean more moves for them once they are there.
    Is it better to find new owners for them here in France or take them out of their own environment to a new life, or do we split them up and just take 1 because it’s very expensive ,but which one??? We think Smoky would adapt to being a house cat easier and feel he is more needy of attention/love and maybe wouldn’t fit in well with other cats in established households. Midnight has such a beautiful nature, no claws in his play, even though he took longer to come around he is more good natured and independent, which of course means he may fit in with other cats, but makes it hard to leave him. Sometimes they appear to love each other with ‘kisses’ when they greet each other, but they do fight a lot at the moment (I think they are re-establishing who is “Top Cat”)
    Your opinions would be appreciated, I’ve never owned cats before and didn’t realise how attached I could become to them…I’d find it hard to leave them but want to do the best for them.
    yes, I’ve checked out all the details re taking them to Australia, they’ve had their rabies vaccinations and the req’d length of time will have passed if/when we take them, 1 month is the minimum quarantine period in Australia


    March 3rd, 2014 at 10:35 am

    Do you think Sri Rama never thought to do some thing that is not Dharmic?(Of course he did not do any such things).Where do you think Sri Rama just control on HIMSELF and contemplated to or thought momentarily at least to do some such undharmic thing?

    Mr Lone wolf Pardon me I have by mistake written your name as red wolf.excuse me.

    REd Wolf I am really happy that you are interested and read some Ramayana.Please aread good translation of Valmiki you said vali`s vadha (killing) by Sri rama is not adharmic.Valmiki Ramayana explains it in detail.The conversation of Vali on death bed with sri rama and Sri Rama`s answer will make Vali repent for his ranting and calling sri Rama adharmic and asks pardon.Vali with the answer of Sri Rama is fully satisfied.
    The other things or situations you referred are not adharmic.A kshatriya dharmic acts,read well with patience.I appreciate your interest in Sri Ramayana.

    Jaishrikrishna , read my question carefully.I never said that Sri Rama acted in adharmic way. I asked are there any situations in sri Ramayana where Sri Rama , at least for a moment thought in adharmic way and now I add thought about Himself and His wife Sita Maata.Read slowly and if you recollect add details please.

    Most devotees of Sri Ramayana , mistake that Sri rama killed Vali in adharmic way.If you read Original Valmiki Ramayana all your doubts will be cleared and Vali himself agrees with Sri Rama ans asks Pardon for speaking with such ignorance.To justify Valis`s Vadha here takes much space and I do not want to do it , except telling Mr Veers that he read the Valmiki Ramayana , Kiskinda Kanda and Vali Vadha sargaas especially.If some body puts a question then I will answer in detail.That is justified I think.

    For Mr Odumpally , and another who said that Sri Rama killed a Sudra who is doing Tapas is aharmic and even Valmiki said it is adharmic, I say it is totally wrong.I will add tomorrow the Sarga and verse numbers for reference.
    It is because the entire Sargas are not studied from the beginning to end, such allegations are made.
    The word your Rama is really amused me .Sri Rama is not mine or yours.He belongs to all .We are brothers and sisters in YA, and share knowledge .

    If killing of Sudr was adharmic, Valmic would have easily omitted the entire episode, because he told Rama is Embodiment of Dharma.(Maricha, a rakshasa too said Ramo vigrahavaan dharmah.)Valmiki included this in Sri Ramayana itself is a proof that it was Dharma at that time.

    Thank you Sri vidyaa Rajagopalan ji for your valuable and authoritative answer. But I expected thay YOU will definitely quote the occasions or the time when SRI RAMA WAS ABOUT TO TREAD (But he never acted in adharmic way as I humbly said in my question itself) in adharmic path.I sure hope you definitely share that knowledge with all here. Thanks again.

    Mr Odumpally I said that I will add the verses and the sarga numbers from Uttara Kanada of Ramayana, regarding the killing of a Sudraka by name Shambhuka.You read 47th sarga ,sloka 3.It clearly says that The Sage Vashista along with another seven Brahmins sai”Vijayee Bhava ” to Rama , when Sri rama called them for their advise ,regarding the matter of a brahman boy being dead and the Brahman complaining that it is Raja`s adharma that caused the death of the boy.There were Great Sages Sarvasri Markandeyya, Moudgalya, Vaama deva, Kaasyapa, Kaatyaana, Jaabaali, Gowtama and Naarada .Vashista was already there.When they saw a perturbed Sri Rama, sage Narada said”
    Some one belonging to lower community(Heena Varna),who should not do Penance in this Yuga is doing that , so you go and search and put a stop to that that will make the dead boy live again.
    I cintinue further.

    Rama finds a Sudra who is doing penance and asks why he is doing that tapas(Penace)That Sudra , said ” Hey Rama, I am doing this Tapas for obtaining Daivatvam and entering Swargam with this physical Body and to I want to win the kingdom of Deva loka.”He says his name was Shambhukudu.
    This is ADHARMA as per the Dharma in Treyta Yuga.The intention of tapas was very heinous.So Sri Rama immedialled , with his sword beheaded him.( Uttra Kanda Sarga 76 verse 2,3,4,
    All the Devataas hailed Rama from Heaven and said ” Well done Well done” and there was PUSPA VARSHAM.then.

    So if one has read the Uttara Saragas of Ramayana fully these silly doubts would not have arisen.There no one Equal to Valmiki in Sanskrit kavya rachana.You need not doubt Valmiki.

    I hope I have cleared your doubt.I again repeat RAMA IS NOT MINE OR YOURS.HE IS THE VISHNU FOR ALL OF US, WHO BELIEVE IN RAMAYANA.I pray that Ramas blessings be there on all of us.
    Sri vidya Rajagopalan Ji , has cleared aall the doubts.He provided all the answers with all detais.I profusely thank him for the great effort taken by him.May god shower his blessings on him.


    March 4th, 2014 at 1:00 am

    October 21, 2011 is the end of the world. May 21? That’s Judgment Day. Don’t get me wrong.

    See link for more information about Judgment Day: [Don’t worry! It’s not spam!]

    Like this question either because of how controversial [Yes, controversial! People make predictions about the end of the day!] that event is? Star the question if you wish!
    For those who feel the need to insult me, don’t post horrible, irrelevant and/or ridiculous answer.
    Calm down, answerers. I just want to know. It’s not as if I’m ignorant.


    March 16th, 2014 at 9:53 am

    I got a job at both. I applied for bakers delight because mcdonalds took over a month to reply and now the inductions/orientations are in the same week by chance out of no where. The bakers delight one is tomorrow. I have to decide pretty fast because I dont want to mess anyone around and I feel so bad for either one if I say no. anyone have any ideas who has better flexibility, etc.

    Sriram R

    April 2nd, 2014 at 8:49 pm

    So, it’s my understanding that there’s a large group of citizens who are on a mission to “take back America”.

    Before you go and fire off some hate-filled, argumentative comment, please take a moment to read my whole post. Please take note that I am actually quite ill-informed about current politics. I used to take an active interest, but found that simply talking about politics isn’t really going to benefit me at all (or others for that matter). Occasionally, I get some person who feels all too inclined to tell me about the happenings in US politics. Though, sometimes when I’m browsing AOL’s news headlines, I see one that I can’t help but indulge in.

    All too often, I hear family members, co-workers, TV personalities and random people call our State Head names like “the idiot”, “Oh-Bam-Uh”, “the ‘n-word’” (Yahoo! wouldn’t let me actually type the politically incorrect version) and “our Socialist President”. I get this warm-fuzzy feeling inside me to know that such a vast populace is so racist. Whether people don’t like him because he’s black, they think he’s a Muslim, they think he’s a Socialist (I realize that calling him a Socialist doesn’t mean one is a racist), they think he’s not really a US citizen or they think he’s got his own agenda. To me, the American people must place the blame for problems somewhere. And that somewhere is… well you know.

    I recently heard about Glenn Beck’s rally in DC. From my point of view, it was quite a reveling day for both sides of the coin. You see, the reds got to congregate together and “stand up for America”, while the blues got to conceitedly mock the reds for how ridiculous they are. I actually enjoyed both! This is just some absurd statistic that I pulled out of a hat, but for all intent purposes, I’m going to say that 93.88% of Americans who attended this rally, actually hadn’t any sort of clue about the happenings in DC, how new policies and abolished polices would effect them or “why this country is headed in the wrong direction”. What makes anybody such an expert? With culture, language, wants and needs, ideas, fact and fiction constantly evolving, who’s to say they’re the wiser? This exact moment in our miniscule history has never happened before. How can we be so sure?

    Has the American way been so compromised that our lives are any worse than they were in 2007? Has the American way been so compromised that we must take our country back? So I ask this (naively): Why not cease to rally against one another, and actually try to work with one another for a positive change?

    Thank you for reading all the way through. In absolutely no way is this any sort of support to any affiliation, organization, denomination or ideology. Now for the long awaited moment… Here’s your cue to go on a tirade and tell me how I’m such a liberal idiot.
    How is he so horrible on his own merit though? I didn’t vote for him, so this is not a question in his defense, but in my ignorance.

    “I LOVE the idea of a Black President” is not only belittling, but it’s a racist statement as well. It’s just like saying “dance monkey, dance”.

    Unless I read your statement wrong, I don’t see how you could associate “goodness” with Glenn Beck. I see him capitalizing on a large group of irate citizens. He is an entertainer who enthralls his viewers with his extreme enthusiasm.

    I would agree with the statement that I am an elitist. But only because the recurring acts that I see everyday. But because I’m liberal, doesn’t automatically mean that I am an elitist. On the contrary about not seeing my own lack of understanding, I do see it. Did you not read my third sentence?
    Also on the Healthcare thing:

    The fact that it’s a mandated thing (and against the people’s will) is nothing new. There are countless other policies and laws that are punishable by imprisonment that a large majority aren’t thrilled with. These have been in place for many years, yet you don’t call them out. You only specify your problem with this Healthcare ordeal because it’s something that happened in your lifetime. Would you have had the desire to “take back America” in 1935 when Social Security was started? Probably not.


    April 30th, 2014 at 6:05 am

    I have to write an alternate ending for this novel. I was thinking about Charlie maintained intelligent and married Alice. But can anybody think of a better ones ? 🙂 Thank you!


    May 14th, 2014 at 3:49 pm

    the rest says red sky at night sailors delight.

    Malcolm Hudson

    May 17th, 2014 at 9:06 pm

    in the versin where it goes:

    alas my love you do me wrong
    to cast me of discourteously
    for i have loved you so long
    delighting in your company

    i have been ready at your hand
    to grant whatever you would crave
    i have both waged life and land
    your love and good will for to have

    greensleeves was all my joy and
    greensleeves was my delight
    greensleeves my heart of gold
    and who but my lady greensleeves

    well i will pray to god on high
    that though my constancy may see
    for i am still thy lover true come once
    again and love me and love me

    yeah so where are you supposed to take breaths
    im doing it as a solo so i cant follow other peoples breathing


    June 16th, 2014 at 12:08 pm

    Development of Human Sexuality (WED 2:25-5:05)
    This subject assumes no prior college courses in biology, psychology or sociology. It is designed as an introduction to understanding human sexuality within a social context. Topics include: anatomy & physiology, human sexual response, attraction & love, relationships, gender & orientation, conception, pregnancy, childbirth, contraception & abortion, sexuality across the lifespan, sexual dysfunctions, sexually transmitted diseases, sexual variations, commercial sex, sexual coercion.


    Children’s Literature: Nursery Rhymes to Novels (TUES 11:40-1:25; FRI 11:40-12:30)
    From nursery rhymes to novels, children’s literature offers the child and the adult alike both instruction and delight. Literature stimulates fantasy and reason in readers of all ages. In this course, you will explore the history and elements of children’s literature, a literature often noted for its illustration and humour. Starting with material for the very young and moving through to adolescent fiction, you will examine various genres and historical periods in children’s literature. By learning the background and studying the form and content of good books from past and present, you will develop your critical thinking, reading, and research skills in a diverse and important area of literature and culture.

    So what will it be?

    FORGOT TO ADD: If I take Sex ED then I’ll have three classes that day, 8:55 – 2:20 I’ll be in class (Digital Imaging 8:55-11:35, followed by illustration 11:30 – 2:20), then have a break for 50 minutes, then I go to sex ed. So in that day alone, I`ll be in class for a total of 7.5 hours)
    And if I take Children’s Literature, the weekend starts later than sex ed which sucks


    June 20th, 2014 at 6:57 am

    i had anal sex with my g/f the other nite, and she said it that normal?

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