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    December 29th, 2013 at 3:22 pm

    Ok, so with my last resort in finding a guy as college is full of a bunch of closeted idiots who like giving mixed signals and bar and club scenes are full of drinkers and smokers in little cliquish groups, all drunken by the end of the night and I am against smoking and drinking. Also gay events in my area all seem to be all filled with people way too old for me (I am 22) and the internet is crawling with pervs, sluts, etc. With all that said, I have pretty much come to my last option for finding a relationship which gay-friendly churches. I just don’t know how to go about it. So if I see a handsome guy tomorrow at church, I’m just supposed to walk up to him out of nowhere and strike up conversation? Also I am not religious so do I walk around outside of the service area during service and look for people roaming about or just hang there during service trying to seek out hot guys
    laugh it off, u moron, I am not looking for a hook up. I am looking for a relationship

    Mackenzie P

    December 30th, 2013 at 2:22 pm

    i’m 22 and i’ve never had a boyfriend/girlfriend. i woudl like to change. i don tknow how to meet people or how to go about it. i prefer girls, but woudlnt mind guys. i am especially interested in women right nwo and would like to find some hot lesbian chicks should i be so able. I live in Madison, WI , with my parents, how might i meet chicks? lol


    January 11th, 2014 at 4:56 pm

    Why do people always think that? I really don’t understand how you can think too much or too deeply and go insane. I feel like people think it’s somehow cool to be insane these days. I don’t get it.

    Just like cynicism, misanthropy, and mental illnesses are the new “fads.” Has anyone else noticed it too? It makes me feel badly for the people who really DO have serious mental illnesses.

    What do you think of all this? And, have you ever even known or heard of anyone “going insane” or acquired some horrible mental illness from thinking too much?


    January 22nd, 2014 at 1:35 pm

    I’m a 17 year old, straight (as far as I know) girl, pretty normal in every aspect. I’m not socially disturbed, fat, ugly, or troubled in any way, I have a nice group of friends and family, and am pretty laid back.

    SO, having said that, I have a weird quirk that pisses me off.

    It’s a fetish, I guess. Guy-on-guy action. And no, I’m not talking girly flamboyant guys, little boys, old, fat, hairy men, beefy(blehh) guys, or anything incestual at all. I’m talking two attractive, straight-seeming guys.

    What the h*ll is wrong with me. I’ve known for a while I thought it was hot, but the more time went on, the more I realized how bizarre it is. It’s this weird, fetishy, strange fantasy that really gets me going. Like I’m talking guy-on-guy porn, or druken mishaps I’ve been present for that may be better not to mention on here. Mostly, it freaks even me out, and I’m starting to worry people will find out.

    Oh, and since I know there’ll be a couple people questioning my sexuality, I’m not into girls, and I have no interest in swapping genders. None at all, just to be clear.

    As for answers, either tell me what’s wrong with me, how I can fix it, or if you think it’s normal and nothing to worry about. Idontwannabeaweirdo.

    Thanks, in advance, to the trolls that take advantage of this. You’ll most likely make me smile, the ruder you get. Oh, and thank you to the non-trolls, love you guys!

    P.S, sorry if I put this in the wrong spot, I just kind of stared at the categories for a while unsure where to put it really.


    February 3rd, 2014 at 9:09 pm

    I am not against it My points :
    1. Its not natural on a reproductive level. I think we can both agree on this, but the opportunity to have children is done through other means. Yes it seems complicated but ah well let them do what they need to.
    2. It is natural on a sexual level. A man who likes tiny breasts is no less sexual than a man who looks big ones. As Gay men who like a nice man booty *I like man booty too can’t hate LOL* isn’t different from a man who likes a nice woman booty. They are bodily experts a like.
    3. The whole argument that it disolves the moral of marriage is a lie. The divorce rate among heterosexuals is at 65% straight couples don’t even respect marriage themselves, further more domestic violence is rampant.
    4. What are you gonna do if one of your future or present son or daughter is gay. (Dont even say it wont happen to you based on “how I raise my child”, believe me I know the most alpha of men who grew up in traditional homes. Knew they were gay or were bisexual since their teens or later and played the “heterosexual or let me date both game” in front of their family. Had high school sweethearts, had male buddies, won captian of the football team, in one case can put a transmission back together by hand etc etc. Two of these dudes are successful and very masculine.
    5. Your husband, boyfriend, wife, girlfriend could be gay or at least bisexual or bicurious but they wont tell you. Know a 53 year woman who is divorcing her husband after 30 years of marriage because she is done playing the game and is bisexual. This woman is a feminine house wife and Nigerian.
    6. Allowing people to live their lives openly reduces the “down low phenomena”.
    7. Gays wont go away so you’re fighting a losing war. No you’re not a bigot for being against it, you’re only a bigot if you think you’re better than them.
    8. Someone in your family is gay, bisexual or bicurious whether distant or immediate you just don’t know it yet.
    9. I bet some of you have watched “lesbian action” in novelty of it being hot but yet are against gay marriage shame on you ;>
    @ Kee: BTW I gave you thumbs up. You are presenting another topic of debate not relevant to this. You position is not valid, you’re making a choice not to reproduce it is not like you’re are with a woman and you two “inherently” are infertile between each other. BTW contribute your semen to donor banks and help the couple who need it. Im sure your have attractive sperm.


    February 11th, 2014 at 8:18 am

    I’m looking for femme and butch “videos”. I don’t like to see femme to femme. I know that there is a S.I.R. Productions, that make videos like this, but I can’t find anything from them. Help please?
    WOW! Thanks!

    mike s

    March 14th, 2014 at 9:13 am

    Well to start off I’m bisexual. But anyways. I like feminine,gay,tranny or androgynous men. Alot. I think they’re sexy. But if I tell my mom I think so and so (tranny) is hot, would that sell away I also like girls or no?
    Cause She doesn’t know cause She hates lesbians and gays. So I need to know to watch what I say if this sounds lesbian ish
    Don’t hate. It’s just me. Not everyone has the same interests

    Caltel T

    April 21st, 2014 at 9:15 am

    I’ve come to realize that I would like to love women exclusively. I haven’t been able to find a girl yet though. I have women that I am infatuated with but I wait for them to come to me. I have had so many straight girls start things with me, but they’re straight! I have had a list of 7 women read off to me by a friend who said all of these women had crushes on me…including a really attractive straight girl.

    I’m in the middle of the first pic.

    my confidence is extremely low or the stigma attached to being gay keeps me from letting women know I’m interested. I spend lots of time inside my house now and don’t really get out unless it’s a Saturday. I want a relationship with a woman. How do I tell girls I’m interested in them without first being trashed? I also live in a conservative state, should I just move or am I the problem? How do avoid being toyed with? I don’t know if I am but many girls take me for a spin or insinuate that they want to and I either become embarrassed or pawn my actions off on being drunk.


    May 11th, 2014 at 1:53 am

    I’m a guy that even though I get turned on by lesbian action, I’m actually saddened by the idea of straight girls acting out this stuff-even for curiosity. I have a girl friend, but the following thing the other day bothered me:

    This was from some girl co-worker: She talks about how she’s straight and could never love a woman.But to please her man she would have a threesome with a girl and even go down on her. BUT if her man really wanted another guy, she would not do that. (that doesn’t make any sense)
    But her reasoning is that dicks and vaginas are just different. (what does that really mean is this context?)

    How can a straight girl say something like that. Sure, she’s guy crazy and talks about the hot guy that came into work. But she did say that she would only do it for her man with her man. So she refuses to do it one-on-one with a woman, because she’s not attracted to them.

    But if she is willing to do “lesbian activity” with the guy. What won’t make eventually go down the spiral and just try chicks one-on-one. Why are girls weird like that? I just can’t believe that she’s not bi- having heard those things.

    But the most disturbing part of it, is that she’s proud to do this and talk about it. Why would a straight girl be that proud? Sometimes I think the girls that are sex crazy and visual seem to be bi-ish. It’s like only non-visual girls can be straight. It’s like God had a hard time trying to make girls like the male species, like he had to really force it because of the fall.

    Even more disturbing is that the idea that all a guy has to do is pressure a girl to try lesbianish acts and she’ll eventually cave. Makes me think any girl with low self esteem and being under pressure is the easy formula to turn someone bi. Some please tell me there’s a girl out there that no matter how much the guy they like wants some bi action in their girl, she’d puke at the thought of even french kissing a girl. Makes me think this one lesbian group’s philosophy is right: Men are straight regardless of what society says. but women wouldn’t be so straight and more bi if it wasn’t for society and religious group pressure.

    Now I hope my girlfriend would never think about another girl even if I suggested it just to test her. All this is disturbing to me and even my sis doesn’t understand why. I just think women should like guys and guys only if they’re preference is guys in the first place. If you already know-know you’re bi or lesbian, that’s different. But straight girls doing this; I don’t like that.

    To me I don’t like the scent of a dude, so I would never french kiss a guy, but this bothers girls less when it comes to girls. isn’t any of these acts strange at all for you straight girls?

    I don’t buy the idea of a straight girl saying ” I like lesbian porn, because it’s not about the girl, it’s how they know how to please them and be sensual”. That’s a lame excuse they hide behind to see a naked girl body.

    And why do girl’s not find a naked guy more attractive than a naked girl. Someone please answer this question.

    It also seems strange that girls seem to like about a guy is what they can do for them, not the way they walk or talk. You know, less passive things. Guys talk about about how like a girl’s walk, etc. don’t here similar things from a girl end. it’s what a guy can do for them. so why couldn’t a girl do the same thing for a girl. especially give compliments and easily make them fall for them?

    I would like you girls who read this to break my obsessive thoughts I just presented down. I don’t want to hear the following” “dude just accept it” or ” you’re paranoid’, or “you’re a homophobe” I would like a thought out answer. If my observations are wrong, tell me why. convince me like it’s a court case. thanks in advance
    one added note. I do believe females really like guys; sometimes I think they’re more into a guy than a guy is into a girl. But it seems that even the most guy crazy could be swooped into bi tendencies if simply asked by the girl they’re reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally into.


    June 16th, 2014 at 12:18 pm

    so i have a friend that i’m starting to get really close with and im really starting to like her, shes the only girl i’ve ever felt this way with. were always hanging out together and shes always throwing out hints to me saying “oh if you were a guy or a lesbian, i would so totally date you” or “you would make such a hot guy”. i really don’t know whether she could be joking about this or not. she has also told me that she believes very much in pan-sexuality and admits that anyone can fall in love with anybody no matter what gender they are.

    whenever we look directly at each other she just has the cutest expression on her face and starts giggling. sometimes i would react quickly to it and look away then look back again and she would just keep staring. she always seems very happy and excited to see me and always asks to hang out with me after school.

    when were watching a movie with a group of friends or by ourselves she always wants to sit and cuddle with me the whole time. i had her sleep over last weekend and we were in a middle of watching a movie and she was cuddling so much with me and kept putting her body close with mine with her face so close to mine looking straight in my eyes and i just felt such a rush of excitement and i was so eager to kiss her.

    i had her over yesterday and she was sitting almost on my lap on the couch with her legs over mine and she kept rubbing her foot on my legs and laying her head down on my shoulder. she was also playing with my hair and looking straight in my eyes the whole time and i felt so comfortable and happy.

    her new thing now is calling me girlfriend whenever someone says something mean to me in a joking way or messes around with me she’ll say “hey leave her alone, shes my girlfriend”, and if i say something is cute she would reply back saying “your cute” and smiles at me. idk if she is showing me signs that she’s interested or if shes starting to feel more closer and comfortable with me as a friend, i wanna know another way to get her to tell me the truth if she seems to like me. help? don’t just say ask her if she does, i need more details. thanks guys 🙂


    June 23rd, 2014 at 11:10 pm

    how bad is the language? is there inapporpriate stuff in it?

    Thanks! =]

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