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Latina Nadia Styles has a sexy body and her man licks her shaved pussy nicely. She gets on her knees and gives his cock a deepthroated blowjob that gets him harder. She rides his cock and her tits bounce in the air. He finishes her off with hot anal.

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13 hours ago

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Bigtits, HD

    Xbox Gamer

    December 19th, 2013 at 7:16 pm

    I had my first anal sex last night with my boyfriend. We tried using a condom, but it so happened that it was actually scratching the inside so he took it off. Anyways, I allowed him to cum in me. How likely could the drip of it get me pregnant?



    December 19th, 2013 at 8:05 pm

    Is there anything you can eat or exercises you can do for a sexy body? I have small breasts, a big butt thats annoying, and it sucks I’m sick of it

    Agent 47

    December 19th, 2013 at 9:55 pm

    So without using condoms (my husband is deathly allergic to latex and we don’t like condoms anyway)….do you guys think maybe keeping baby-wipes by the bedside would work? Like…we can be having vaginal sex, he can take a few moments to attempt anal or do a little teasing-grab a wipe really quick to clean off his penis, and then go back to vaginal sex? Or would the soapy residue from the baby wipes cause problems for my lady parts too? I am pregnant, so I want to avoid infections that come from going straight from anal to vaginal sex without cleaning or using a condom that could hurt the baby, and we want to also avoid just getting up in the middle of sex to go take a shower to clean up and thus lose the mood.

    Any tips? What is a quick and sanitary way to switch back and forth between anal and vaginal sex multiple times during intercourse without having to use a condom, shower, or risk infection? Baby wipes is all I can think of….


    December 27th, 2013 at 11:28 am

    Do you girls think that Sly had a sexy body back in the day or even now?


    January 2nd, 2014 at 8:08 am

    Men tend to get excited and enjoy looking at women with sexy bodies, is this the same way with you females? Do you excited looking at our bodies when they’re in shape and looking good?

    Mark M

    January 21st, 2014 at 1:50 am

    I am 5’8 and a little on the overweight side. I am a competitive swimmer and I can’t get that skinny sexy body that I want. Any ideas??


    January 21st, 2014 at 10:02 am

    My girl wants to start having anal sex but she wants an anesthetic while we try. A strong one. So I want to know if there is any strong, safe, anesthetic you might recommend. She is well aware that she will feel the pain later.


    January 21st, 2014 at 12:58 pm

    I’m a Junior in high-school and have realized that now is the time to get in shape and have the sexiest body I can have so its easier to maintain as I age.I have nice hips, but I want everything toned up and have noticed that recently I have gained weight in the hips.

    What can I do? Extreme or not, I’m determined 🙂


    January 29th, 2014 at 12:23 am

    I’ve just rescued a poodle-never had a tiny dog before- but can’t find information as to “how long” it takes for anal glands to re-fill to the point they need expressing again. 4 days ago my poodle had her anal glands expressed and she’s already skooting and licking continuously. Could the anal glands already be full, and if so is this normal?


    January 30th, 2014 at 12:10 pm

    I find a quick-witted mind to be much more fun.

    heavenly sword

    February 5th, 2014 at 11:07 pm

    please dont say that only behaviour matters cos i m already an

    The Beatles

    February 13th, 2014 at 12:04 pm

    hi, i’m sasha and i’m 14 and i’m too skinny and i want to gain weight and have a sexy body like my other friends everybody says that i’m hot but i’m too skinny and i really want to look perfect and sexy soo plz help ..


    February 13th, 2014 at 12:19 pm

    This is the urban rebounder I ordered…

    I’m 24 years old, just had a baby 8 weeks ago.
    I want to lose 30lbs and return to my original weight. And maybe even get a sexier body then before 🙂

    What do you think about urban rebounding as my workout regime?

    Victoria T

    February 20th, 2014 at 4:41 am

    I’m 20, and I hate my body. When I was 11 my breast began to grow, then after I reached 13 I started to sleep late at night, drink, and smoke.. Then I was 15, I started to hate myself, coz, nothing changed to my breast, they’re still small.. I just told myself, maybe they’ll grow more next year or something.. Then I am now 20, my breast improved, but they’re still small, and I hate them’! My vital stats are 32’26’34.. and I think my late night sleeping habit, smoking, etc made my hormones slow down.. Is there any pill I can take as a solution.. I don’t want to go under surgery, it’s expensive plus risky.. Please help.. I’m not confident about my body.. :,(

    The Villain

    February 27th, 2014 at 7:48 am

    Is anal sex healthy? I have heard alot that it has many side-effect in women health.. what is the true?


    March 8th, 2014 at 9:52 am

    boyfriend has asked to have anal sex, i am not sure i am only 17 and lost my virginity to him, hes had 2 other girlfriends and has never tried it. Whats you view on it?

    Ed D

    March 25th, 2014 at 2:21 am

    I have a lean body but seems that girls dont get attracted n im not butt ugly either im pretty funny too cuz i make everrone laugh,i also like writting poems :).


    May 2nd, 2014 at 3:46 am

    Talking about an ex here.
    Haha gabby that’s where I heard it! I dumped my ex a year ago and after I became a health work out freak and toned up my body and I look good and my ex recently started to try and get back in my life and I just figured it was because of my new physique haha. So I just figured that when it comes to getting guys back that a hot body gets back at them best 😉

    Smashing Pumpkins

    May 5th, 2014 at 7:16 am

    I am 21 5’7” and weigh the most I have ever weighed at 185. I used to be 130 and healthy. I would like to achieve a long lean sexy body. I used to gymnastics and had big muscular thighs and I really want to avoid bulking up. I would love exercise routine/tips and diet meal plan/tips. I don’t know which exercises are the best: walking on an incline, running on a flat surface, pilates dvd’s.

    Here is a picture of what I would like my body to look like



    May 18th, 2014 at 8:59 pm

    Well actually i already have a small butt, but could i make it bigger working out, and also not loose my boobs as well.
    im 15
    a gymnast
    Sorry im a gymnast,
    basically i wanna get in shape for it next season.


    June 3rd, 2014 at 10:39 pm

    I’m 14 5″6 and 150 lbs I’m not fat but muscular and a little chub. I want to totally slim down any ideas?


    June 7th, 2014 at 2:22 pm

    do you know any sexy smelling body sprays? any that men thin are sexy? thank you! xx

    Cpt Excelsior

    June 11th, 2014 at 2:45 pm

    you have a choice between 2 women. One has a good looking face, but her body looks like a gorilla. The other one looks hideous, but her body is great. What would you pick?

    Spider Pc

    June 11th, 2014 at 11:03 pm

    Boy anal sex . Does it feel good int he fisrt try ?


    June 14th, 2014 at 4:38 am

    Left-center or right?

    Tell me why?


    June 24th, 2014 at 2:26 am

    I saw this really sexy young women at the Mall this morning. I told my friend that she looked like a hooker because she was dressed so sexy. My friend said, if you have it flout it.

    So what do you think, if you look sexy, should you dress sexy in public? (at a public place like a shopping mall)

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